Monday, December 29, 2008

More From the Authors of Ladies of Legend

Just found out on Amazon that two of Janet Eaves' other stories from the Ladies of Legend Series- Beauty and the Beast and Harvest Moon, have been released in print as a 2-in-1 book! These two stories, if I'm not mistaken, come right after the Finding Home Anthology, but before the Christmas Anthology. The only one not yet in print is Maddie James' Murder on the Mountain, which I'm also eager to get and comes after Janet's two, but also before the Christmas one-

Though not part of the Ladies of Legend series, but by one of its authors, The Blank Book by Magdalena Scott is also available in print through Amazon as well.

So as not to jam this blog up with links, I would also recommend doing a search on Amazon for Maddie James and Jan Scarbrough's releases, too- Four wonderful writers and lots of stories to choose from!


Magdalena Scott said...


Thank you for the publicity! You're one of our Honorary Citizens of Legend. ;)


Unknown said...

Your Welcome, but thank you all as well for building such a wonderful town with such wonderful stories! And I'm proud to be an Honorary Citizen of Legend! :D