Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jingle Bells and Ho Ho Ho and Christmas Lights All Aglow

It's nearing Christmas and I've been in the spirit since the beginning of November.
My tree is up....

The Christmas village is set....

And outside my house is all aglow in the evenings and early morning, too, as the children head off to school.

The Christmas cards have been mailed, other than the cards meant to be given to the bus driver and the children's teachers. All the presents are wrapped, other than those last few from Santa on Christmas Eve and the one I'm waiting on for my husband that should arrive some time next week.
Time is flying by. The children's birthdays are coming up next week. Got that covered, too. And so I have settled in. It's warm and cozy here at home on this blustery December morning. The tree sparkles and twinkles next to my desk and all is quiet besides GMA on television.
I think I'm going to fix myself a cup of French Vanilla Cafe and work on my novel this morning while I can enjoy the quiet. The tv is going off.
Have a wonderful one.

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Magdalena Scott said...

Good for you, Taryn! I'm glad you're enjoying the season.