Sunday, July 27, 2008

Novel Number 8

I definitely made progress yesterday...I didn't realize I had written so much until halfway through the day and I decided I wasn't stopping until I made a major breakthrough. 10K at least. I wrote 10,058, bringing me up to 36,930- more than 1/2 way to my goal.

After I finally get this one done, I'm going to take a break from actual writing until November when I do NaNo- Instead I'm going to start doing revisions on my completed first drafts.

It's time. I know. My mom keeps telling me I need to get stuff out there since I've gotten so much done in the past two years. She wants to see me published before she's gone from this world. Not that she's at death's door, but she believes in me and my writing and said it would be a shame if she never gets to see me in print. LOL Gotta love her for that!

So, once this current WIP is finished, I'm going to use the 3 months between now and NaNoWriMo to work through them and get them polished. Not even sure what novel I'll work on for NaNo this year, yet. Possibly the first novel of the next 4 book set, based on the 4 brothers of the hero in my current. I've lined out their names, occupations, the ideas for the heroines for each of I might get started on them with NaNo...which would pick up shortly after the end of the one I'm working on at the moment. Readers would get to see the hero and heroine in this one again in the first book, at least, of the new series. I still have a lot of other ideas, but they aren't begging to be written just yet, though I might do the sequel to my paranormal historical, based on the cousin of the heroine in the first book.

Not sure yet. Anyway...I need to get some writing done today..Not even 2 weeks into writing this one and more than 1/2 there, so I best get my booty in gear.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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