Monday, April 14, 2008

Chapters of Life

Last night I went in and broke up my chapters, though I'm still going to have to play with them and see what does and doesn't work within them. I can't figure out how I ended up with so few words in my count, and yet almost more chapters than the other besides how I added a few pages each to the chapters to start with. Perhaps that's it. Will I ever get this figured out? LOL

I sure hope so since there's two other stories in this series and I want them to be as close in word count/chapters/pages as possible since these stories belong together. I suppose I need to figure out too whether each story needs to work with the others as a whole or whether they could be read as stand-alones. If read as stand-alones, I'll have to add more details in the one I'm currently working on to explain who the previous characters are just a bit in case a reader doesn't read the first book, but starts with the second.

We'll see. It's quiet here this morning. Hubby and son are off to work and school and my daughter is still asleep...still not used to being back on our time just yet. I've got the country music channel playing in the background...low...and just taking inventory of what I should work on today. I might devote today's writing work to going back and seeing how I broke the chapters up and playing around with it a little until I'm satisfied and feel I'm ready to "put a finish on it."

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!

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