Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Chapter Play

I've played around with the chapters in my WIP to where I'm fairly happy with them. I know "the end" is close and I'm trying to match up the same approximate chapters/word count for each book in my series. Right now...fingers crossed, I've got the last three chapters to write, though I'm not sure how the word count is going to turn out.

That brings me to ponder about which is more important and which one I should aim closer to ~ Number of Chapters? Word Count? Page Count? What matters most when books are in a series?

The first book has 29 chapters and around about 65K and a little over 300 pages. This one I'm only 3 away from 29 chapters, but the word count is what I'm stumbling over and I'm not sure I'll hit close to 300 pages or not...it's about 10K off of 65K and I'm not sure I'll get that close to it once I'm done, either. I suppose that's where editing will come in later so I can try to get each book as close as possible in one or more of the above "ponderables."

This morning I came across one of THE cutest videos on You Tube I've seen in a while. If you want to see it, go to YouTube and type in "The Mean Kitty Song" or you can click the link below. I love cats, but I know EXACTLY what he's talking about in this funny little song!


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Devon Matthews said...

I sympathize with the mean kitty guy. Yesterday, I tried working on my outside long-hair kitty. The long hair gets longer during the winter and mats, now it's time to come off. He tore me up! LOL!