Friday, March 14, 2008

Motivation...When Did It Go Into Hiding?

Yesterday was a better day, though I came in under 1,500.

So today my pondering is about my motivation and when it went into hiding. I want to write. I want to get this story out, but it seems like there have been distractions piled upon distractions here lately.

Maybe it's something in the planetary placements, or the weather and seasonal changes that are occurring. But it's also in the stress of taking care of hearth and home and the problems that arise a lot here lately.

But then I question whether I'm trying too hard. Am I'm trying to force the story into existance? Or is it because my work area is at the center of the house with noise going on all around me? I've used the headphones, but it seems everybody wants a piece of my time or attention in recent days.

That's not to say my novel isn't moving forward, but I feel like I'm writing in slow-mo. I did break the 30K mark last night. I have a deep desire to finish this novel because I believe in it and feel in my heart I have to write it. I just don't want to push the envelope and break my story or not give it the concentration and dedication it deserves.

Perhaps it's not my motivation that is lacking, but maybe my muse has taken a vacation. LOL In muse, I mean Juniper. She talked my ear off before I started her story. Now she barely speaks.

I must figure out what her deal is, why she's grown quiet and doesn't seem to be coming in as loud and clear as before.

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Devon Matthews said...

Taryn, for the past three days I've been having similar problems. But I think mine stems from paying too much attention to what's going on in the romance community.