Thursday, April 3, 2008

Read-Through Editing and the Gazelle

The past couple of days I’ve been doing read through edits on my current WIP, so I’ve not really gotten any writing done, but my brain doesn’t want to continue the story until I do the rest of my read-through so I can see what’s come before and prepare for what’s to come for the end of the novel. I feel like I’m taking a refresher course in my story.

As I mentioned, I finally got my Gazelle Edge exercise machine and I’ve done it the past two days. My calves and arms are feeling it. The first day I "walked" about 1 1/4 mile. Yesterday I "walked" 2. Today I’m going to do it again and hope for at least the same so that my muscles get used to this. I’m enjoying it though, especially since I had to wait since February to get it because it was on backorder. Right now my body is tired and sore, but I know it’s because I’ve not been used to getting up and exerting myself. LOL

Before I moved here, I was pretty active about walking wherever I needed to go and sometimes a friend I worked with and I would go for walks around town in the evenings, so I know walking does wonders for my body and it helped me keep my weight down and feel better. I’m hoping the Gazelle can do the same for me since I can’t just take off and go walking out here in the country where I don’t know my way around and people drive crazy up and down our road all the time. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Next week when I'm up visiting my folks I won’t have my Gazelle to work out on, so if it’s not raining the entire time I’m there, my mom suggested I should go walk at the new park. Or she said I could get on her treadmill if it is rainy out. That way I won't go an entire week of not getting exercise.

Today I need to try to get all the laundry caught up and the dishes and start figuring out what to pack and dig out the suitcases for me and my daughter. I need to make the short grocery list for tomorrow night and a list of things to do so I can get things organized. In between times, I’m going to finish my read-through edits and hopefully get some more written on my novel.

Hope everyone has a great Thursday. I’ll try to check in as often as I can while I’m out of town.

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Devon Matthews said...

Taryn, I hate to tell you but that exercise machine looks like something that could do serious maiming to this old body. LOL! You're a braver woman than I am.

Hope you enjoy your visit with family. It looks like spring has finally sprung around here, if only it would warm up a bit. :o)