Sunday, April 13, 2008

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig

Well, I'm back home now from visiting my family up in the 'Burg. Washing laundry and getting back in the groove of things this chilly Sunday morning. It's good to be home, but I also miss L-burg, too.

School will be back in session from Spring Break for Chris this week and we'll be getting back to the ol' routine. While I was gone, I tried to do some brainstorming on my novels and I realized what was holding me up on my current WIP- I broke the chapters up differently, so the novel is stalling on me because it's not like the 1st one I wrote in this 4 book series, so this week I'm going to be breaking my chapters up to match the other one a bit better.

Hopefully that will get me back on track to finishing it. Not to mention that the 3rd sister hasn't really come forward to "talk" to me yet and her story is next. She is a runway model and stuck on herself, but she doesn't want the changes that are going to happen that I'm going to put her through, so I think she's withdrawn into herself at the moment and she's not speaking to me about it. LOL

I'm tired from the traveling, but I know I need to get my brain back in the game this week. Today I may still relax and just get back in the groove of being home after being away for a week, but tomorrow will be time to get back to my Gazelle AND my writing.

Have a good Sunday!


Devon Matthews said...

Welcome back, Taryn!

Taryn Raye said...

Thanks Devon!

How's your writing going?