Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh My!

Actually, it's more like~ Spring Fever, and Distraction, and Exercise, Oh My!!

Stubborn old Blossom is still not talking to me. I did a character profile on her the other day, but still nothing! Truth is, if she were talking to me, I'm not quite sure I could hear her over the spring fever that is settling into my bones and roaring in my ears.

You'd think with such a flowery name, she'd pop out and bloom for me right now, but that ain't happening.

So what do I do with the time on my hands? I spend it doing laundry and dishes and cooking...which I do anyway, but I also spend it outside checking my flowers and letting my daughter do sidewalk chalk art on the driveway, play on the swing and slide, and blowing bubbles. And when we're not outside, I'm on the Gazelle or doing housework. I'm up to walking or should I say~ "gliding"~ 3 miles a day, broken up in 1 1/2 mile increments. I'm feeling more energized physically, though my mind still wanders to where Blossom is hiding herself and that makes for poor dried up inspiration.

I've thought about doing some free-flow writing...just let my mind wander on its own, but when I think about it, I realized that writing my blog is sort of a free fall of thought as it is.

Falling, falling, falling into randomness, mumbling about trival things, such as~ Why does my daughter only hangs all over me when her Daddy takes a day off of work? Or why do I hate washing dishes so much? Why does my cat go from being calm and collected to running mad through the house like she's on speed and then leaping 5 feet in the air and hanging from the doorframe, claws dug in, looking around wild-eyed like she's certain something on the floor might get her? Her invisible monsters, perhaps? Or a bad LSD trip? LOL

But anyway...I've waxed on enough for this morning. Time for the Gazelle and hopefully an opening of my mind's eye and my writer's heart. Perhaps it's been whispered to me and I'm just not listening.

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Devon Matthews said...

Yep, it sure sounds like we're in the same boat. When we're distracted by unavoidable things life throws at us, that's one thing. But when we're distracted just because... well, it's pretty bad, and I'm right there with you. :o)