Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Haven't Disappeared

Just now getting around to checking in online. Having a great time and beautiful weather here in my hometown. Haven't gotten any writing done, but did do some brainstorming a bit, but mostly spending time with my family and visiting and taking my daughter to the parks to play. Weather is supposed to turn off and change on us tonight or tomorrow, so we're enjoying this while we can.

Is it bad that I don't feel guilty that I'm letting my brain vacation as well? I can't really use anyone's computer though for writing and I'm just not all that good at concentrating and hand-writing out stories anymore. Used to be I could sit on my bed for hours and write and write and write....I guess the technology of having a computer to write on changed that. Plus I prefer that if thoughts come quickly, I can type them quickly rather than trying to get them down with my slow handwriting! LOL

Anyway! Hope everyone is having a great week! Will check back in soon!

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Devon Matthews said...

Hi Taryn! Glad you're having a good time visiting. :o)