Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Easing Into The Story...

Each of my other novels have called to me to write them.

I just glance over my idea list and poof! The one that wants to be written next raises its hand like a child in class who wants to be picked to answer the question the teacher asked. They want to tell their story and are more than willing to lay it all out there for me. In fact, when it came to the last one I finished, the heroine had been bugging me, tugging on my shirttail, since the middle of the story before hers. She was impatient and wanted the attention right then and there.

Not so with this one, as I've mentioned numerous times recently. The heroine didn't bug the crap out of me to tell hers and I never found myself thinking about what would happen in her story....But the story and the ideas I have for it have begun to surface.

I started a "brainstorming" file and have been adding bits and pieces to it as ideas come to me. The environment is beginning to take shape in my mind, the personalities are starting to show, and I'm feeling closer to finding myself writing feverishly each day instead of wandering around lost in a vice grip of idea blockage.

Maybe this time around I needed to let the ideas stew before I jumped in head first into the hot pot. LOL Writing feverishly can be awe-inspiring, but only when all the elements work in sync and hold true to the story and the flow of the plot and I sure can't force it into existence.

So for the time being, I'm letting the roots take hold for this one, allowing the seedling time to emerge on its own- so long as it doesn't take forever that is- LOL.

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