Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thrown From The Horse...

The past couple of days have been filled with bickering kids(my own- because school was cancelled the rest of the week because of the flu), but it's also been filled with writing as well.

Tuesday I finished the first book in my four book series and I started the second book. I'm not sure how much I actually wrote on it because I started out with one beginning that I had already jotted down. I had typed it up before supper that night, but while I was cooking, it kept crossing my mind that the beginning wasn't all that exciting. It wasn't going to work and I don't know what I'd been thinking when I jotted it down.

So while I stood there, stirring Manwich, I contemplated how I could make the meeting of the hero and heroine more intriguing and it came to me. A damsel in distress angle rather than my utterly simpleminded original idea which was just the two of them being introduced to each other.

Nay Nay! I couldn't do that.

So after supper that night, even though my allergies were giving me fits and I could barely look at the screen without my eyes watering...I got part of the first chapter rewritten. Now mind you, there were a few paragraphs I wanted to save from the first one...lines I liked and thought were good description, so I copied and pasted them into another document until I was ready for them. I think after I started over with the new angle, I had 570 words written before I gave up on my blurry vision and a headache and went to bed.

I will say this, eyes were watering but there was one part that actually brought genuine tears, so I'm much happier with this 2nd version of the first chapter than I was with the original. The title of this post has a bit to do with the scene, but that's all I'm saying...LOL.

Yesterday I wrote 2,675 words on it and got into Chapter 2...another reason to be tickled- the first chapter sets the stage and once I get it down, I feel like I'm actually starting to get somewhere.

Juniper has been in my head so long, being bossy and trying to tell me what to do, that it's been sort of easy to go from her sister Jasmine's POV to hers. She was in the previous book, so I already have an inkling of who she is, how she feels and behaves. She's Miss Independent (which is ironic...I was flipping through the XM stations on the satellite and Kelly Clarkson's Miss Independent song came on! LOL--a sign maybe..Juni's theme song! LOL)'s to another day which will hopefully be filled with LESS bickering(of the kids) and MORE writing!


Devon Matthews said...

Congrats on diving into ms. no. 6! Yay!

Octavia said...

You write very well.