Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Onward We Go....With Snow!

I crossed the 10K mark yesterday...20K here I come!

I've got two kids with me today and worried about hubby driving on the snowy/icy roads. We got some snow last night that closed school today and I had to go out and start the car for hubby. NOT FUN! I was slipping and sliding and our driveway has a downward slope, so it was an adventure just to get to the car...Getting back out after I started it was even more nervewracking because there's a layer of ice under the snow. I wasn't sure I'd be able to get out of the car.

When hubby went to get in the car I couldn't watch. He's still wearing his hard boot and walking with a cane. I was scared to death he was going to take a fall on his rear.
I love looking at snow, I like to play in it depending on how cold it is. Right now in Bowling Green it's around 21º BRRRRR...
What I love most about it though is being able to see it out the window, where it's warm and cozy. Throw in a blanket, coffee or tea in a cup and some warm cookies and I'm a happy snowbounder whether I'm watching movies, reading or writing. LOL
I think today is going to be a good day, though I don't want to speak too soon. {knock on wood} I found out this morning that one of my favorites shows is coming back with new episodes starting tonight. The show?
Men In Trees!
And there are 11 episodes that will air that had been on hold since the writers' strike. Now whether my show will be renewed come fall is yet to be seen, but I sure hope it does. I love love love that show because Anne Heche's character Marin Frist is a writer. And what does she write about? Love. She's not a romance novelist, but a relationship advice guru and she does write about love and relationships while having trouble with her own.
I love the premise of the show. It's one of those feel-good ones for me, myself as a writer.
Anyway...I've got more words to write today, so I better use them in my novel.
Have a great SNOW Day!!

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Devon Matthews said...

Looks like we got about 3 inches here, and it's still flurrying. Our road is still completely white because we live near the end of a dead end road and there's virtually no traffic. When it used to get really bad with deeeeep snows, we were usually one of the last roads that got dug out from under because of that.

Hope you make some good progress today. I'll be trying to make up for lost time from yesterday. :o)