Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Not Too Shabby...

Well, the novel isn't done, but I did get almost 1,500 written yesterday, so that's not too bad. As determined as I was, it just seemed I had so many other things going on all day yesterday. I forgot to get tea at the store Friday so we had to run to town so I could grab that in the morning.

When we got back, I had dishes that needed washing and laundry to do. I had to put on the chicken, potatoes, celery and carrots to start my chicken pot pie for supper. I had to make pie crust too. Hubby got on the computer just when I had found time to fit writing in, so I found other things that needed doing until he was done, like cut up the chicken and add peas, cream of chicken and cream of mushroom soup to my other ingredients and get it on to simmer.

When I finally did get to the computer my 5 year old kept begging me to let her watch old episodes of Jem on YouTube...mind you I didn't pull it up, but she wouldn't be quiet about it. LOL My soap came on, which isn't a good excuse, but I love my show and always fit it in.

After it went off I had to roll out the pie crust, which is a massive muscle workout for sure with my old wooden rolling pin, standing in the back of the kitchen with sweat rolling down my spine. Got the pie in the oven and went back to my writing after supper and putting up laundry and folding more laundry.

Even then, I didn't really get much written until after the kids were in bed and after I listened to Romantic Dialogue on nowlive.com. By that point I was getting a busting headache and was ready for bed.

But I did get some written, so I can't complain. Hopefully today with my stepson in school and my hubby back to work, I might actually get something written. Here's hoping!

Have a great day!


Devon Matthews said...

1,500 wds. is still great! I had a big wd. ct. yesterday, too. Yay, us!!! :o)

All the writers I know struggle with these same things. We have to work writing in between all the everyday life stuff. The only ones I know who don't have to do that are the ones who've worked themselves up to the point where they're making enough money at it, they treat it like a job. No one interrupts them, or expects them to stop writing to take care of the little household things because they're "at work." While I don't think I would ever want to look at writing as work, it would be nice to make enough money at it that I got a little respect about the way I spend my time at the computer.

Taryn Raye said...

Yep, I know what you mean. I don't mind the housework, except when I accidently let it get piled up.

When I first picked my writing back up, I'm not sure my hubby really took it serious. When we first met, I think he thought of my desire to write as a hobby, until I started getting stories finished and then joined RWA and KYRW.

Now he tells people "She wants to be a writer" and I've had to bite my tongue to keep from correcting him in public because I want to tell him that I AM a writer...I'm just not published yet! LOL

He told our tax guy that. I wanted to bop him on the head! LOL Sometimes though I think everyone is right- only other writers can understand just where you're coming from and how the writing bug bites your behind and follows you around constantly.

I think my sister is starting to understand it too because she said she thought it was funny and cool that I sometimes feel my characters are talking to me.

CONGRATS on your big wd. ct!!!! WTG!!