Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It Is The End....

Or at least it is for my 5th novel. I put a finish on it a few hours ago! Yay!!!

Of course, it did take me two weeks longer than I had anticipated and even with all the editing I've been doing, in the process of writing it, I'm sure I've got a few more revisions to go through.

Still it's exciting. I've written 5 manuscripts! Wow! Since Summer 2006, I've finished 5...I almost can't swallow the idea.

Now, I'm not saying they're great, but I love them. The characters are my babies. I created them and gave them life...though sometimes I think they came to life on their own and simply channeled me to get their story written(a la The Ghost and Mrs. Muir). Maybe they just tell me I made them up to make me feel better. LOL

As I've probably mentioned in prior blogs, Juni...my previous heroine's older sister has been buzzing in my ear now for weeks-

"Tell MY story. Let ME talk. When's it going to be MY turn?"

Well, now it's her turn. So she better be ready to speak up and start talking. She isn't setting out to catch love, but she is going to have to figure out how to rope a cowboy with a broken heart.

Have a good one!


Devon Matthews said...

Yippeeee!!! Congratulations on No. 5! Wow, I hope you celebrated. Finishing a ms. is HUGE! :o)

And you're going to write a cowboy next!? Oh, yay! I'm excited and I don't even know anything about it. :o)

Goooo, Taryn!!!!!

Taryn Raye said...

Thanks Devon!

I didn't really celebrate...though I was jumping up and down- in my mind. My daughter gave me high-fives when I told her I finished it.

Yep, a cowboy- a rodeo rider/rancher. It's a contemporary romance, pairing a heroine who's never risked anything for love with a man who once believed love was the only thing worth fighting for, until he lost it.