Sunday, February 10, 2008

Crossed over 50...

I finally made it over 50K in my current WIP. It still has a way to go though. A couple more chapters at least.

After I got over being sick back there for about a week, the story elements started falling into place with my novel. Again, there were a few surprise elements I hadn't originially anticipated and that just really made me happy because it gave me a conflict to resolve, emotions and feelings on the part of both the hero and heroine about the fear that they might not get to have their HEA.

It's funny how I can't stand drama in real life, but for my characters...I'll let them have it. Blast them with it, riddle their lives with confusion and almost insurmountable obstacles. Mwahahaha! Aren't I evil?

Hey, it's my job, right? ;o)

So, having said that, I'm off to wreak havoc in my characters' lives this morning. Have a wonderful Sunday!

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