Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Freebits LOVE BY DESIGN Hobbies & Interests #frifreebits #excerpt

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Derrek drags Jasmine along for a trip to the fleamarket- He loves model cars. He's figured out her interest in music- What are some of your hobbies & interests?

Derrek led her to one of his favorite sellers. The tables, covered with model car kits, as well as planes, trains and ships were overflowing.

“Now I know why you like coming here.” Jasmine ran her finger across the top of a model that sat on the main table. A ‘57 Chevy, cherry red. “This one’s gorgeous.”

He found the owner of the booth and inquired as to whether he had more model kits in that style of car. While he chose a few other kits, Jasmine wandered around inside the man’s booth.

Derrek paid for his purchases and found her waiting outside.

“I see you found some new toys.” Her laughter shone in her eyes as well as her smile.

“Yep.” He took her hand again, without her flinching this time. “There’s another place I thought you might like. The radio station made me think of it.
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Rhobin said...

I love how you have exposed these likeable characters and their developing relationship through your 6-bit selections.

Unknown said...

Rhobin said it perfectly. Reading your weekly shares it like watching a child grow and become fully developed. Thanks for being here weekly.