Friday, November 19, 2010

My Hero is the Sexiest Man Alive

No, seriously...Ben, the hero of the novel I'm writing for NaNo, is--- see-

THE Sexiest Man Alive 2010

Yes, I modeled Ben Pryce and his twin brother Nick (whose story was the previous one I wrote) after Ryan Reynolds.

See, I just knew that there was a reason Ryan had to be cast as my twins...I figured out a way to hang onto that image through two manuscripts.

I'm no dummy! Hehe!

He's not just sexy, but he's funny and sweet and well...just yummy to think about. ;o)

I've been *casting* actors & actresses for my characters for a while now and this was the first time I had twins to write. Ryan fit what I needed for each character.

One brother is a softhearted romantic artist, the other a loud playboy chef. Can you guess which one I'm writing now?

Yeah...Ben hasn't exactly been reformed yet, but he's on his way already.

I just hope he doesn't lose his sex appeal, because he's naughty, but that's what makes him so good. He just needs a little heart to go with it and Sunni is the missing ingredient. She's earthy and open, but also has never been in love and swears she's not ready for it. Actually, she has sworn it off because she doesn't see herself as the marrying kind to be tied down to any man.

Too bad that's where this road is taking them! LOL They'll thank me for it later.

And you can thank me for the Friday eye candy....He IS yummy, isn't he? ;o)

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Amy said...

Yummy for sure!

I do that sometimes, too... have a famous actor or actress in mind for my hero and heroine. Helps with description... makes them more vivid!