Friday, August 20, 2010

Boo Mercury...

Yep, we've hit another retrograde. The 3rd this year, with one more to go in December- rare to have more than 3 a year, or so I've read.

And so it begins...a time of backwardness, forgetfulness. Being clumsy, having issues with technology and communication.

Redo, reuse, rework, readjust- anything that means doing something over- Not all of that is a bad thing I guess- "redecorate" is a really good thing usually. ;o) And I've been thinking a lot about getting paint to do the living room or the kitchen, or my daughter's bedroom.

I've been watching for signs of it since the beginning of this month because usually the effects begin a few weeks before the retrograde actually begins and can last a few weeks past until things get back on a normal path. There have been plenty of things I've noticed around me in regard to the retro.

I broke a chair, set the spare bedroom back up for my friends to visit. My daughter ran her knee into the corner of the coffee table last night. We had a brakelight go out. A lady in front of us at Wal-mart nearly walked out without one of her bags and the cashier had to chase her down to give it to her. A register over, a woman almost walked out with her deposit bag for whatever business she runs.

I've had a "crick" in my neck off and on for a week now and the cashier we had even said she'd had a pinch and could barely turn her head from side to side. I've recently misplaced an old yearbook. I JUST had it but now it's nowhere to be found. I've revisited the same spots and places I "feel" like I've left it or placed it and it's just *poof*- disappeared.

I haven't started any new projects or I'd find myself redoing them, too, so it's a good thing I was planning to work on REvisions. ;o)

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


JM Madden said...

I've been kind of off this week too. Maybe that's why.
The 'Crick in your neck' may actually be cold. Took the family to the dr yesterday for pill refills and stuff, and she said theres a virus going around causing neck pain. I can't hardly move mine today. I thought I slept wrong too, until I talked to her.
Maybe next week will be better for us...

Unknown said...

That's so weird though, if it's a cold... but it would make sense about why I thought it felt like "something in the air." LOL

I hope that's all it is. I've had a lot of allergy and sinus issues the past week and thought it was just where the weather keeps fluctuating, but hadn't thought the neck pain could be cold related. Of course, with the kids back in school, they'll be bringing us all kinds of ickies we don't want! LOL

I hope you're right and next week will be better. Hope you get to feeling better, too!