Saturday, November 28, 2009

NaNoWriMo Nearly Took Me Out This Year....

It's beginning to look "more" like Christmas to that I've hit 50K and validated my word count to WIN NaNoWriMo '09.

So, I got down to the wire this year, didn't I?

I crossed the 50,000 word count mark just an hour or so ago, thank goodness.

I was really starting to doubt I would win this year because it seemed like there were so many distracting things this year to keep me from writing. In the past years, I have hit 50K somewhere close to the middle of November, but this year...I felt myself dragging along....

Mind you, the story isn't still have about 161 pages to write, but that puts me more than 1/2 there already since I'm heading toward 400 pages.

Just before I hit 50K, a plot bunny hopped across my path and told me a little bit more about where the story is going, too, so that is helpful and inspiring, isn't it?

I've just been SO out of it this month...truthfully- this entire year. I haven't cared about writing, trudged through revisions most the year, hating that and gritting my teeth and wishing to goodness I didn't HAVE to revise or edit at all....I know my stories will be all the better for it, but it's so tiring.

I didn't do anything more than plant flowers this year because doing a garden just sounded like too much trouble. Then I quit smoking and started working out on my gazelle (which I've been lax about doing since NaNo started) I've probably said it before but I think 2006-2008 when I did so much writing sucked me dry and this year has been about refilling my tank....but I still don't think I'm rejuvenated.

I've dealt with a sick kid a couple of times this month, preparing for the holidays and our vacation trip to Pigeon Forge with my husband's side of the family and then Thanksgiving, etc. It's been so hectic and to top it off, I'm feeling homesick for my hometown and my family and friends. It's severe homesickness and I know it...

I have relatives who are sick with cancer and I worry about them. I miss my grandparents and for some reason this year is feeling harder than it has for quite some time. I find moments in the day when I burst into tears from being sentimental and just feeling drained and exhausted and so far from everything I've ever known. I miss getting to hang out with my best friends anytime I wanted...Now it's a rare occasion if we actually get to SEE each other when I'm up for a visit.

I'm like Frosty....I just get all wishy-washy....LOL

Tonight when I hit 50K and submitted my word count, I burst into tears that I made it when I had thought it wasn't going to happen. Now I can work on it without so much distraction and stress. Other than filling out Christmas cards and getting them mailed, everything else is just about done, so I'm hoping things really settle down and I can concentrate on the storyline and finish this baby and put it to bed.

Have a great evening! Here's to NaNo '09!

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