Friday, May 29, 2009

In Spurts

I've been working on revisions in spurts recently. A sentence here, a paragraph there...a 1/2 a chapter one day, removal of something that didn't make sense the next. I'm getting there. Slowly, but surely.

Tuesday I push mowed most of the lawn and trimmed rose bushes and forsynthias back that were getting out of control. Been doing the Gazelle everyday this week (started on it Tuesday as well) and in between, I've been working on revisions.

Yesterday was the kids' last day of school and so my daughter is moving on to 1st grade and stepson is moving on to 5th come the fall of the year. Time surely flies. So far this year doesn't feel nearly as productive as last year where my writing is concerned, but there's been a lot of health and family and personal issues crop up since the start of 2009 that needed attention and seemed my inability to get back to writing or revisions came at an appropriate time.

But now we're settling into the middle of the year...Summer's nearly upon us and I'm starting to feel "more settled" too. At least where writing is concerned. My brain's been off in La-La-Land for a while now- just not the RIGHT La-La-Land! LOL

Speaking of which- I now have two lovely fairy companions at the computer. I've realized I'm actually quite fond of fairies the way I am my mind they are basically butterflies with human characteristics and bodies. Anyway- they are my new writing totems and I have a feeling they will be just the first 2 of my new hobby to collect.

They had no names when I got them- simply the purple fairy and the coral fairy. We couldn't have them going around nameless here though, so let me introduce them-
Destiny is the "purple" fairy. She's dark and goth and made me think of a fortune teller with her crystal ball and the guiding star on her forehead. The future is unknown and dark- like her- and well- I don't know- I just feel that "Destiny" is here to guide me into those unknowns with my writing and whatever may lay around the next bend for me.
The "coral" fairy is Variel. She carries with her a very autumnal feeling, the orangish/brown leaves that grace her arms and hair along with the feathers symbolized to me the changing of the seasons- the changing in life- to alter, transform, adjust and adapt- which led me to edits and see where I'm going...
Variel means change. I would assume it's derived from vary, various, variation and it's it fit her perfectly.
So I now have with me as guides on my writing journey a fairy of change and a fairy of the unforeseen future that lays ahead. That's pretty significant to me.


Magdalena Scott said...

So glad things are going better for you, Taryn, and that you're able to settle into some writing. The fairies are pretty. How tall are they?

Unknown said...

Thank you Magdalena.

The purple one is 10"
The coral one is 10 1/4"

I put them on either side of the computer monitor.

I got them from The Lakeside Collection. (

Devon Matthews said...

Hi Taryn. Love your two new Muses! Glad to hear you're getting back into your revisions and that the writing bug is taking hold again. :o)