Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Riding Off Into The Sunset~

Don't all great stories end with riding off into the sunset? I'm not just talking literally, but figuratively as well. When I read a romance, no matter what setting, I always look for that "sunset sky" at the end.

That's the moment you know that everything is going to be fine, that even though we don't see what happens to the characters afterward, we still know that they "rode off" into that beautiful sunset together. It's the same when I write.

There's something about that skyline that holds hope for the days to come. The dreamy feeling that all the tomorrows that follow will be filled with beauty and happiness and goodness.

I mean, who can't help but stop and stare at the canvas of wonderous natural colors that usher out the sunshine before the darkness cloaks us in it's chilled embrace? I love how the lavenders and pinks, golden oranges and brilliant lemony yellows capture the eye.

The fingertips that reach up into the evening sky envelopes us in its grasp and reminds us not to take the small important things in life for granted. It reminds us to enjoy ourselves and to remember that we live our "happy endings" all the time, though they are not endings, but new beginnings every single day.

I tend to stare at the painted heavens and wonder at the beauty that's all around us. There are so many times in the rushing around of everyday life that we forget about nature, about living, about life.

Oh, we're living life, but we take a lot for granted. We forget about riding off into the sunset. We forget to enjoy it to the fullest. Even in day to day life, everything is a blur and sometimes I forget to stop and smell the roses, to stop and take in a sunset that not only beautifies my life in a small way, but also makes me more appreciative of everything else around me.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could ride off into the sunset with the one you love? How wonderful it would be to follow that sunset west across the land, watching how the colors change and shift and soften the landscape at dusk. To catch the first glimpse of the stars as they come out to dance and shimmy in the sky. To watch the moon rise to sit above the trees. To remember what love is really all about.

I still believe in happily ever afters and I still believe that all good love stories ride off into the sunset together.


Ciara Gold said...

Wonderful photos and I love your analogy of the sunset and HEA endings. I hate writing the end of the story. It's my least favorite part to write because I know in my heart that I have to move on to other characters and their stories. Ah well, at least they rode off into the sunset happy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Taryn,
Beautiful pictures! You managed to capture nature's glory so well and to also describe your depth of wonder so well. It is true that we, especially those of us fortnate enough to live in or near the country, sometimes take the wonder of life around us for granted.
But FYI, my husband and I have rode west into the sunset, a few times. Our trusty steed was an RV, but it worked!
By the way, I'm the Lorraine in the Coffee Time site. Thanks for adding so nicely to the story. And I noticed you had a few favorite websites. Have you checked out "The Sisterhood of the Jaunty Quills?" It's a great blog written by about six different romance writers. Try it, you'll like it.

Unknown said...

Thanks ladies!

Lorraine- it's good to hear that someone does actually ride into the sunset from time to time. Sounds splendid.

Glad to do my part on the CT story. It's a fun release consider I'm gotten stagnant on my own writing! LOL Also thanks for the recommendation of TSOTJQ. I will check that out and probably add it to my faves.