Tuesday, September 4, 2012

After Labor Day Ramblings- Friendship, Illness & Bargain Shopping

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Today is a quiet Tuesday with Taryn, as I opted not to schedule anyone so close to the holiday, knowing that the traffic to the site might be down due to families spending time together for Labor Day weekend.

We had a quiet one ourselves. One of my best friends, her husband and their two little girls came down on Saturday to visit. The hubbies watched TV, the girls played dress-up and Barbies and spent a lot of time outside. My friend and I sat at the kitchen table, talked, played Scrabble and just really enjoyed ourselves and she really enjoyed the chocolate cream cheese drop cookies I made. I made round steak supreme with mushrooms, cheesy bacon potatoes and peas for lunch and that went over very well. By the time they left, my friend and I were in tears. We'll see each other in a month if my plans go well for a visit during fall break for my kids, but sometimes even a month feels like forever.

Of course, since our oldest went to the doctor last week, first thinking he might have strep, but then it turned out to be sinus and allergy related symptoms, I've not felt well myself. Maybe just because it coincided with the weather, I don't know. I've spent the better part of a week nursing myself with my own home remedies to try to knock it out. I've heated vinegar and slowly inhaled the steam (careful there if you attempt that to clear your sinuses and stuffy nose...it does burn eyes, nose and throat if you inhale too much at a time.) I've taken sinus medicine for the headache and pressure, allergy medicine for the 1/2 runny-1/2 stuffy nose. (not all at once) Used vapor rub on my feet- yes, my feet- wearing socks over them to bed does help clear chest congestion and helps you breath a little easier to get some rest, and it softens your feet because of the petroleum jelly in it.

When it all boiled down to it, what worked best for me this time? Alka-Seltzer Cold. Yes...plop plop, fizz fizz. Who would have thought. {rolling my eyes} It was, of course, the last thing I tried and it seems to be the one thing that helped more than anything to clear my head, my congestion, etc. I've also had the itchy watery eyes that burn like fire, too, so I had my husband pick up some Visine-Allergy for that.

After my friend and her family left Saturday, we went to Goodwill to look for Girly-Girl some new tops. I went through her clothes the other day only to discover the majority of what she had was nearly 2 sizes too small. Kids, I tell you! They grow like weeds. We came out of there with 13 tops, 12 of which did actually fit her and one I sized wrong by looking at it- it was too snug and it also had a long button down V-neck collar that, when buttoned, wouldn't stay closed. All in all though it was for just over $20, so I'm not going to complain. You can't shake a stick at that!

Sunday we lay around watching television most the day and I made homemade chicken noodle soup. That probably helped clear me up, as well. Yesterday my husband had to work but I had Girly home with me all day, her brother didn't get home from his mom's till later in the afternoon, shortly before supper.

So, here I am on a quiet Tuesday morning, getting back into a somewhat normal routine. Got laundry going in the kitchen, the window open in here and enjoying the fall-like atmosphere outside. There are birds and bugs chittering away on this gloomy morning. I'm definitely feeling Autumn in the air more as the days pass. The humidity is starting to build though, so the window will go down before too long and I'll have to crank the fan back up to circulate the muggy air in here, but for now, I'll enjoy it.

Hope you're having a wonderful Tuesday on this "shortened" week. Would love to hear how you're doing as well if you would like to leave your thoughts. Did you do anything cool for Labor Day weekend? Have you recently found any great bargains, too?

I'm off to finish up read-through edits on Love by Design while my vision isn't impaired by itchy watery eyes. Have a great day!

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