Wednesday, September 19, 2012

#Writerly Wednesday- I'm in Good Company @KYIndieWriters #Kentucky #Indie #Authors

I was thinking about my journey toward self-publication and those I have surrounding me, who encourage me that it CAN be done and it's worth it and I feel a surge of appreciation for the outstanding company I keep. We're an eclectic group of authors, who've all chosen differing paths for our writing career.

Some have gone through publishers, big and small and others have struck out onto the Indie path full speed ahead. It's amazing to hear what's going on, and sometimes overwhelming, too, to hear about the numbers, the rankings, Amazon's bizarre algorithms, and the tremendous hard work that goes into taking on being the writer and publisher of your own work.

I find it refreshing and inspiring to feel I'm part of a new generation of revolutionaries in the publishing field. We're all heading toward the same goals~ To reach readers and touch hearts, to bring laughter and joy and even yes, sometimes sorrow, but happy endings and satisfying conclusions.

We have far too many stories jam-packed inside that little cartoon where the guy's at the doctor's office and the doctor is showing him an x-ray of his body, wherein lies a book. "See, you have a book inside you, just waiting to get out."

Well, I'm sure for most of us, it's more like a bookshelf. I know mine is. I've written 11 manuscripts already, but I know I'm far from done. I have more to tell, but if I'm going to take this journey into self-publication, some of those stories will have to wait until I can get a few of the finished ones polished and out there in the world, in the hands of people who love books as much as I do.

Our stories span all kinds of genres and themes from edgy inspirational to historical, to contemporary romance and young adult, to erotica and women's fiction, military, suspense, horror.

They cover themes such as dystopian futures, time-travel and reincarnation...from reuniting with their soulmate from the very distant past, to finding love the second time around. I think books are food for the soul. Without the great and wonderful stories of authors the world over, I can only imagine what a dull and dreary life we would lead.

All stories spilled forth from the wellspring of authors who enjoy writing as much as reading, who sometimes have no choice but to write because they know if they didn't, something would be missing, that without writing they are incomplete.

These authors with whom I share email conversations, the joys and pains of writing, the highs and lows of self-publishing and the pleasure of their online company are dedicated and full of determination. Their persistence encourages me, driving me forward toward my own goals. They are writerly inspiration and amazingly talented!

They are not only my friends, but my people, for no one quite understands a writer's mind or a writer's journey in life like another writer can.

This is not all of them for we are a growing bunch, but these are the ones who've been most influential for me as a writer and I'm proud to say I'm a part of this extraordinary group of authors.


JM said...

What an awesome post, Taryn! We are a pretty diverse bunch aren't we? I love these women as if I'd known them all my life. Really wish you could make it to the meetings.

Donna McDonald ~ Author said...

Wonderful post Taryn. I've been prepping for Saturday and will be testing Skype with Ruth Cardello this evening. So many write and ask me "why do you do all this?". My answer is always the same. These writers are not my competition. They are my co-workers and my support group. One shared idea boosts any number of us. I too feel blessed to be in this group.

RK Smith said...

What a lovely post and such a beautiful, bright blog. Nice to have hooked up with you..xx