Saturday, September 29, 2012

#SCENTsational Saturdays- Favorite Number 9- Cool Water Woman by Davidoff

I'd have to say that this is probably one of the most sensual fragrances on my favorites list. I discovered it from one of those magazine inserts and my husband got it for me for Christmas several years ago. Perhaps it's the fact that I'm an Aquarius, the "water bearer" or because I'm drawn to the blue bottle that shimmers like a tropical ocean that I'd love to dip my toes in, but this one makes me feel warm and soft and sexy in a different way than the others.

It could also have to do with the fact that it was a new fragrance I added to my list and I only associate it with my husband. It makes it special. Some of my other favorites that I've had for the majority of my life bring to mind other times in my life before I met my husband, when I was in other relationships, but this one I associate solely with him and that makes it all the more special.

It reminds me of a warm house on a cold winter night and Christmas decorations and time snuggling on the couch. Marriage isn't always an easy dynamic for two people and there have been plenty of times I didn't see my husband as my "hero" but he truly is. He loves me with a sometimes unconditional love that I always hoped to have but never believed possible. He takes care of my needs and the kids needs before his own more often than he should and his favorite place to be is here with us. I couldn't ask for better.

A little poetical love song for my hubby today- One of "our" songs-

Hope you have a SCENTsational Saturday!

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