Wednesday, August 22, 2012

#Writerly Wednesday- Shattered #poetry #writing

This morning's Writerly Wednesday will be just free flowing thought/poetry because I need an outlet for some built up emotion.

Peering through the darkness
My mind stumbles over
A sliver of yellow light

Dust motes swirling, teasing
So distant, yet so tangible
That I reach out, grasping at a shadow

A shadow of what once was
That slips through my fingertips
I follow it down a long gray hall

The golden fragment
Twists and spirals
Beckoning me with a seductive ripple

Taunting me to remember
That time, that life so long ago
That love that once was mine
I come upon a pane of glass
Transparent yet tarnished
A window on my past

Wipe away the dust and time
I see his face, his smile, his eyes

 I catch my breath
I taste the salt
A heart arrested in my chest
Unbidden tears demand to fall
Fingers skim the icy surface
A pop, a crackle, then

A desperate cry escapes my throat
Air forced from lungs
I breath again
The heartache just too raw
The fractured images splinter out
Left with only reflections
Staring back

Shards of memories
In moments trapped forever
In my heart

(copyright Taryn Raye August 2012)

Have a great Hump Day!
I can see the weekend from here!


Kenra Daniels said...

Hi Taryn,

Today, I gave you the Lovely Blogger Award! Please go to for the rules and the button for your site.

Have a great day!

Taryn Raye said...

Oh, wow! Cool. Thanks Kenra!