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#Writerly Wednesday- Are You "Listening" @bentaylorHQ New #Album #music #writing


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My introduction to Ben Taylor's music was a smooth little melody called "Island" from his 2002 album, Famous Among the Barns. Based on that singular song, I invested in the entire album and found new hidden gems that rippled through my soul and spoke to me.

Second to writing, music is one of my other loves. I can't sing any better than the alley cat on the fence post under the full moon, howling and mewling for attention, but the poetry of song lyrics is what gets me.

The Poetry. The Words. The Emotion. (Doesn't take much for me, does it?)

When combined with melody- it can tell a story or evoke emotions that go unexpressed any other time. It can remind you of youth, wrap you in the warmth of remembrance of loved ones long ago, of the truths in life, the joys and agonies we all feel and experience- all expressed in song. Some songs just do it better than others and some songwriters hit the nail on the head with a purity and honesty that you know has to come from the heart, from the soul. It's genuine. When I find music that touches me that deeply, I know I've found a kindred spirit in this world.

When I took my writing back up in 2006 after years of stagnation, I found that when I wrote, I needed music and there are a few singers, songwriters, and groups whose music has become a mainstay in my "writing playlists" because the music moves me deeply, speaks to my heart and helps me put my words to the page (or screen as the case may be.)

Ben Taylor's music, not just from Famous Among the Barns, but also songs from Another Run Around the Sun and The Legend of Kung Folk, Pt. 1 have made their way into every playlist for every book I've written to date. (11) The songs are an eclectic mix and on any day, under any circumstance, I can usually find songs that fits my mood or the scene I'm writing.

There are a couple of select songs I've yet to get, but intend to- "Dear Boy" & "Boyfriend," but I've been eagerly anticipating the release of his newest album Listening for months. It released yesterday, and I'm beyond ecstatic because I'm sure you know what I've been listening to since then and I'm certain that it will become part of my writing roster.

Check out the video below of the title song, Listening and check out the album. I love how the birds in the background are even enjoying the sweetness of the music and joining in.

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(image used with permission)

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