Wednesday, August 8, 2012

#Writerly Wednesday Beauty When It Blooms #writing

Beauty, when it blooms, takes my breath away. It doesn't "burst" but unfolds with a simple kind of grace that not all things have. In a way, that's how my writing process often is. It doesn't burst onto the scene always, but infiltrates my mind slowly, sometimes slower than molasses on a cold winter morning, but, things begin to take shape and sometimes it's the most beautiful awe-inspiring thing to me when bits and pieces of a character start to come to life.

A little while back, I posted about my eagerness to start the next story, except for the research I need to do and that I'm getting bits and pieces of background info, like things about the heroine's grandmother. The other night, after working to clean the bathroom, kitchen and living room and wearing myself out so severely that I woke up every hour in bodily pain, I started "brainstorming" in my sleep.

Yes, I guess brainstorming it is, as I wasn't technically dreaming anything, but for several hours before I awoke, my brain worked out a BUNCH of background info on my heroine, who was otherwise a stranger to me. I mean, I know more about the hero. He is the baby brother of the other Pryce brothers, so he's made his appearances, albeit, most the time brief, but he's there and I know his family. The heroine was a complete stranger to me, until more recently and as her background and past begin to bloom for me, even in the deepest and darkest of the night, I feel exhilarated that "she" is showing me who she is, where she's from, the life she had before the story begins.

And from the looks of it, her past is haunting her with significant losses and rebellion in her youth. Her past is not going to be spotless. Not that all my characters pasts are, but this one seems exceptionally dark considering she's a surfer, but then, I'm starting to understand that surfing isn't just something she loves doing- its also her escape and her sanctuary. It's a dangerous sport, but one that brings her momentary peace from her demons, and its the thing she has just for her that saved her life after all the tragedy in her youth. No one else in her life, up until now, understands it, but Mark will and it's just making me SO SUPER excited to start writing their story!!!

(Laugh if you want, but the swell of excitement about starting a new story has brought me to tears this afternoon. It feels so good to be this excited about writing again!)

And thank heavens Mercury is back direct! I feel the shift, the movement of forward motion again in my life, and writing...and it's about time.

Hope you're having a wonderful Hump Day!
~I can see the weekend from here~


Suzanne Lilly said...

I totally understand how you feel super excited about writing. It's wonderful when the words flow...such an outlet for emotion. So Mercury is back direct? I didn't know that. It must be why I too, hit a turning point yesterday, and I feel as if my story is going to gush out now, after two weeks of struggling. Thanks for the great post, and good luck with your new story!

Renee Vincent / Gracie Lee Rose said...

I loved how you explained all that, Taryn. How sometimes your muse emerges slow like molasses on a cold winter day, unlike the pink rose that bursts forth. Great metaphoric use, darlin.

As for me, I am the same way. My muse sometimes stagnates as I'm preparing to write and then BAM! I'm excited to tell their story.

This is happening to me with my current WIP. Good luck to you in writing your next book. Can't wait to read it.

Wendi Zwaduk said...

Fabulous! Great post. I love when the story starts to show up and when the characters talk. It's a great feeling. I tend to have them all talk at the same time and yes, I've tried to jot down notes in the middle of the night in the dark. Let's say it was very illegible. :-) I'm excited to read the story!

Christina Wolfer said...

That need to write, to be excited to begin writing is such an awesome feeling especially after times when it seems to have abandoned us. Great post, Taryn. Hope the flow continues.

Teresa Reasor said...

I love the post. I used to plot whole scenes in that moment between sleep and waking, so I understand what you mean.
And I've been working on the same book for seven months. So I know the molasses complex but slow isn't always bad.
I don't have to do as much editing if i take my time. I'm sure you're the same.
Teresa R.