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 Tuesdays with Taryn
Melinda McGuire

Thanks so much for joining me today, Melinda, and for answering these questions! It's wonderful to get to know more about you and I'm totally intrigued by Nelson and Cora being it's set here in my home state of Kentucky!

What book(s) most influenced you as a writer? William Faulkner’s Absalom, Absalom! and Stephen King’s On Writing

What book do you read over and over again? There are a few that I read again and again - To Kill a Mockingbird, Capote’s In Cold Blood, anything by Faulkner, Gone With the Wind, along with Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art and Hugh MacLeod’s Ignore Everybody.

Tuesday Trio-
1)      Movie- Hard to choose! Basic, The Usual Suspects, Road to Perdition
2)      Music- Tie - Red Dirt Music and Jazz
3)      Decadent Dessert- No contest on this one = Key Lime Pie with graham cracker crust and whipped cream.

What’s the most interesting or bizarre bit of trivia you’ve learned from researching for a novel? While researching Model T’s for Josephine: Red Dirt and Whiskey, I found out that during the time of the novel (1930s), the Model T had a smoother ride going backwards than it did going forward! People often got stuck at the bottom of hills and had to push their way out.

Novel on your Nightstand:
Who/what are you currently reading? I have three going right now: You, Inc., The War of Art, and Bear Necessities by Maxine Clark (founder of Build a Bear).

Whom would you cast as your Main Characters/Hero/Heroine if your book became a movie? I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately for my current WIP - Legend - the Story of the Lotierie family. I think I would cast a twenty-ish Sophia Loren for my main character - Victoria “Vic” Lotierie. Probably Paul Newman as he was in Road to Perdition for Julius “Lot” Lotierie.
It is hard to decide who I would cast for the MC in Josephine. Maybe Amanda Seyfried. I think with the right costume and makeup she could be a good fit for Josephine.
And, for Cora in Nelson and Cora the Beginning, I would cast Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit).

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Nelson and Cora - The Beginning

1866 - Alberdeen, Kentucky

A Civil War that threatened to destroy the nation officially ends. Two families entrenched in the ideas of opposing sides fight to maintain their ways of life after the War. Nelson, the oldest son in the McGinnis family, struggles to determine the role he must play in his family’s survival. Cora, the youngest child in the Ross family, battles to submit to the loyalty her family demands. There is no room for friendship between Nelson McGinnis and Cora Ross, no space to get to know each other. No matter how often they meet or how strong the connection they feel, Nelson and Cora must never give their attraction room to grow. Can they do what their families require? Or, will Nelson and Cora risk everything to begin a new life together?

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