Saturday, July 14, 2012

#SCENTsational Saturdays- Healing Garden Fragrances

I've had this collection for a very long time and it seems from my online search for it, The Healing Garden products still exist, though they are not all the same as they were when I bought these originally. In fact, it would seem that mine were put out by Coty (LOL, isn't EVERY fragrance I own?!?!) but now the line is owned by Calgon instead (Take me away!) (and I do have the Hawaiian Ginger put out by Calgon, and I tried their Moon Petal Musk but gave it to my mom because it didn't smell good on me and gave me a headache.)

These have lasted longer than most regular bottles of perfume though because they're made with essential oil extracts of their ingredients so they've held up well over the past decade and I can still use them now, unlike some perfumes that tend to age poorly and become more alcohol than fragrance.

From left to right are as follows-all mention that its light, silkening conditioners bond with the moisture in your skin, allowing the soothing scent to linger.

1.) lavendertheraphy- relaxation body mist- with natural extracts of lavender flowers, chamomile and valerian.
2.) jasminetheraphy- sensual body mist- with natural extracts of ylang ylang, passion flower and neroli.
3.) junipertheraphy- clarity body mist- with extracts of geranium and ginkgo leaf.
4.) gingerlily theraphy- positivity body mist- with natural extracts of rosemary, cypress and st. john's wort.
5.) tangerinetheraphy- energizing body mist- with natural extracts of tea tree, ginseng, mandarin and balm mint.
6.) green teatheraphy- enlightening body mist- with natural extracts of asian sandalwood, peony petals and everlasting.

The tangerine one was my favorite, as evidenced by the fact that the bottle is nearly empty, but the jasmine comes a close 2nd and the green tea 3rd. Overall, I enjoy each one and find that on days when I need a touch extra to boost my mood, these are wonderful, light scents that don't take themselves, too serious.

Enjoy this relaxing song from Ben Taylor from his Famous Among the Barns album....
We sure could use the Rain....

Have a SCENTsational Saturday!

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