Sunday, August 18, 2013

Taryn's Snippit Sundays~ The man had some nerve. CASTAWAY HEARTS #excerpt


      “Nathaniel looked happy as a lark to sail his maiden voyage as Captain.” Dawson commented. “Since a child, he’s claimed his wife would be the Sea.”
     Catherine shot Dawson a glare. The arrogant smile on his lips and the message in his eyes read as a warning.     She rolled her eyes at him and took another bite of green beans, chewing with such force she almost bit her tongue.
     As wonderful a cook as Althea was, the food tasted bland and had the texture of rubber. She knew it wasn’t the food, but her distaste for Dawson’s heartless remarks.
     The man had some nerve. {TWEET THIS}
     He knew she wouldn’t talk about her secret engagement to his brother in front of her grandparents and yet he seemed determined to taunt and tease her that she was not the wife his brother wanted or needed.
      Who was he to think he had any right to make that kind of presumption?

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