Wednesday, August 7, 2013

HEART OF MERCY~ #author @CCMarksWrites #NewRelease #dystopian #YA

Charlie Little exists in a dangerous world. Her best chance of survival is to disguise herself as a boy and guard her secrets well. Yet just when things can’t possibly get worse, they spin completely out of control.

With Zeke and her sister Star by her side and the fresh memory of Thomas’s kiss still on her lips, she narrowly escapes the horrid plans of Jonas Bannon, a monster of a human being. Forfeiting the safety of the community, they leave and begin the search for the city of Mercy, the one secure place Charlie knows. However, as she struggles to reach her sanctuary, doubts creep in that anywhere is truly safe. If the Draghoul don’t get them, the human scavengers just might, and the assumption Mercy will be a place of protection could be the most dangerous risk of all.
Nearly a year ago, I had Young Adult author, C.C. Marks by for a Tuesdays with Taryn Q&A and talked a little bit about Mercy and Edge of Mercy, her Intro and 1st novel in her young adult dystopian series. Well, she has recently released the 2nd book, HEART OF MERCY and I've already started reading it.

Doesn't she have GORGEOUS new covers???

I absolutely LOVED the story thus far and I'm eager to get back with Charlie, Zeke and her baby sister Star as they journey out of the community and toward the city of Mercy, where Charlie hopes to find safety and sanctuary for herself and her sister.

If you love young adult futuristic romance and adventure, this is definitely one to check out! 

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