Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursdays with Taryn~ Halfway There #NaNoWriMo

Are we about ready for Thanksgiving next week, peeps?

Already, today marks the 1/2 mark of NaNoWriMo- Day 15- on which, if you go by the minimum amount of words required to write 50K words by Day 30, you should be sitting somewhere around 25,000 words. Simple and it makes sense, eh? I have just a little under 27,000.

Yesterday was not a very productive writing day. I awoke feeling like my throat was doing this "allergic reaction" thing I've had happen in the past- where my uvula (punchy bag) elongates and hangs lower, nearly sitting on the back of my tongue. It's probably not life threatening, but it can be scary when it happens. I have trouble breathing past it because it wants to swing forward and causes me to gag, but when I swallow, it feels like a lump, like I'm going to swallow my uvula and choke to death on it because it falls back and covers the windpipe.

I never quite figured out exactly what caused it to happen the first time when I was in my early twenties, but after seeing a doctor about it, I was given corticosteroids for it and advised me to keep Benedryl on hand as well. It took about 2-3 days to clear up. He said it appeared to be some sort of "allergic reaction" to something I'd come in contact around that time and perhaps it was something I never had used/eaten/etc. I avoided certain things- such as Herbal Essence shampoos, Baby Ruth Candy bars, Rally's burgers and fries. I was a smoker at the time though, too, and I often wondered if I might have smoked one too many cigarettes the night before in the cool night air, but who knows. I'm not a smoker anymore though, so that would not explain it away now. I've also since given Baby Ruth the benefit of the doubt and didn't have trouble with it, but as for the other things- I typically avoid them.

That's not to say it's never happened again, as yesterday morning proved. From time to time I have had a flare up and I simply attribute it to allergies of some sort and pop a Benedryl capsule. That usually does the trick, but therein lay my problems with writing yesterday- between the intense grogginess and my eyes being itchy and blurry, I also had the urge to curl up in a ball and go to sleep beside the cat. I'm sure she wouldn't have minded at all, but I fought to stay awake so I could write and then still couldn't fight my way through the haze that fogged my thoughts. It sucks so bad when I can't seem to compose a coherent thought or put down more than a few mediocre sentences.

I definitely need to get more writing done. This weekend and into the following week I have cookies and treats to prepare for family and friends I will see around Thanksgiving. I have travel and hopefully the weekend after Turkey Day, I will have the energy to decorate my Christmas tree and hopefully get the outdoor decorations up as well.

I also have some really exciting plans in the coming weeks- some really cool holiday surprises that might include something like autographed print copies of Castaway Hearts and a few special gifts as we get further into the festive spirit of the holidays. You'll want to stick around to find out more about my upcoming

Christmas with Catherine & Dawson Giveaways

So definitely stay tuned for news about that!
Here's to getting some writing done today.
Happy Writing fellow NaNovelists!
Happy Reading fellow Bookworms!

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