Saturday, November 10, 2012

Does your Hero Smell? He Smells like a Memory #poetry

Ironically, this wasn't a cologne worn by anyone I ever knew, but I remember finding a sample scent in a magazine and I tore it out and slept with it under my pillow for a while and then placed it in my underwear drawer. It just smelled so good!

I guess, if I really get down to the nitty gritty of the matter, all the heroes in my novels probably smell like Safari or some equally raw earthy aroma that reminds me of my youth, of young love and the way your heart expands and your stomach pitches when you see that guy who makes your palms sweaty...who you'd recognize simply by the fragrance of him. The thing that makes him "smell like a memory." Our sensory perception lays the foundation for what we're attracted to, what we love, and the type of hero/heroine we're drawn to.

I don't often share my poetry here and I'm honestly not sure if I've shared this poem before or not, but I thought today I would because for me, scent does set off the most vivid of memories, and therefore it opens the door to the things we carry with us, no matter how far we've coming from where we once were to where we are now.
He Smells Like A Memory

HE smells like a memory
A hint of the past
Wrapping itself around my senses 
Jerking me back to a time I had forgotten
I feel the quickening of pulse
The deep vibrations in my core
Rising to roar in my ears
Drawing me to him

He smells like a memory
That makes my mouth water and my palms go damp
My heart aches and my loins tremble
As the visions of a life I once had
Flash through my mind
I catch my breath…

He smells like a memory…
Where has time gone?
It seems I forgot him so easily…
But I haven’t…
Not really
He has always been there
Ever-present in my heart
Waiting for some small detail
To set off the rushing river of emotions
That still tie me to him forever-
Be it an object or a feeling
Or even a scent
Yes, that’s it!

He smells like a memory
Like sensuality and sex
He smells of urgent need
And burning passion
And a love I tried so desperately to release
Still desire flickers and smolders beneath the surface
Yes, he left me…
Left me to face the days and years that came
Without him
Left me to reminisce of what once was
What should have been
What could never be
He left me to pick up the pieces of my heart
Each time HE smells like a memory…
(copyright 2009 Taryn Raye)

I'll leave you with a few songs from one of my favorites- Ben Taylor.

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