Friday, November 16, 2012

Taryn Raye Spotlights Bluegrass Bountiful by Lozi Hart #TMPress @FictionWitches

Graham McCullough never forgot his first Kentucky Derby or the dark-haired beauty who stole his heart that weekend twenty-five years ago. He’d gone home to Scotland after the Derby intending to return to Louisville to ask the woman to be his wife. But a family crises sent him to the wilds of the Amazon Rain Forest for the next six months and when he finally did make it back, she had vanished without a trace.

Mary Claire Beaumont lived each day with a reminder of the weekend she’d spent with Graham McCullough, oh so long ago, before he’d disappeared from the face of the earth. She’d gone home to her mother and father prepared to face life as a single parent with an illegitimate child—until her mother forced her marriage to old boyfriend, John Beaumont. Now twenty-five years later, her daughter grown, a widowed Mary Claire is ready to live her own life, until fate throws Graham McCullough straight into her path again.

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You can find out more about Lozi Hart on her website HERE.

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