Wednesday, October 10, 2012

#Writerly Wednesday~ The LOOK #Writing Challenge

Last week I was challenged to participate in the "LOOK Challenge" by my good friend and fellow author, Teresa Reasor, but I was out of town visiting my folks and having a yard sale with my mom and sister. I was tickled Teresa included me in her author-buddies to tag, so I'm going to rise up to the challenge and share my own and challenge a few to participate as well!

Here's how it works:
Find the LOOKs in your current work-in-progress.
Choose your favorite 3 and post the paragraphs that contain them.
Pick some of your favorite author-buddies to "tag" and invite them to participate, too!

Since I'm not currently working on a WIP, I'll choose from my current manuscript that I'm prepping for my 1st self-pubbed novel, the first book in my Love By Series- Love by Design.

  1. This woman captivated him. With every icy blue glare she shot in his direction, he felt certain she despised him. She looked as though the very idea of having to tread the same ground he walked upon might make her ill, but it was the warmth that drew him in. The shimmering warmth of those golden flecks in her icy gaze left him wanting. Fire and flame flickered beneath her cold icy surface.
  2. The sudden intensity in Derrek’s eyes startled her. Pinpricks of awareness danced across her skin and the aching desire she had fought over the past couple of days gave way to a heart-thumping response to his tender embrace. She swallowed hard and tilted her head back to look him in the eye, the fight gone right out of her.
  3. She wanted his flesh against hers, yet she felt like a shy innocent girl as she stood before him. His hips pressed against her. Her backside collided with the kitchen cabinet. His eyes locked with hers. She couldn’t look away, but she felt his hand go lower to inch up under her shirt. It came to rest again over her breast as his thumb taunted the hardened nipple beneath the lace.

    I'm picking Amy Durham, Hallee Bridgeman and C.C. Marks to participate!

    Have a fantastic Wednesday!
    I can see the weekend from here!

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