Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Boo! Happy Halloween!

To all those with children who'll be out tonight trick-or-treating, please remember to dress in bright colors or use those glow sticks and necklaces, flashlights, reflective garments, etc. Keep those babies safe and sound and if it's going to be a cold one where you live, be sure to dress warmly! Don't forget to brush after all the sweets and have fun!

For those who might partake of mid-week Halloweenie parties- be safe, have a designated driver if there's drinking involved and watch out for the little ones!

And don't forget- It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown airs tonight on ABC (7PM Central/8PM Eastern-check your local listings) for those who might enjoy a little Peanuts tradition!

I'd also like to say-

Bright blessings and warm wishes for those celebrating Samhain Eve today and Happy Halloween to everyone!

No matter what the day brings, I hope everyone has a wonderful time and a safe holiday!

(I got to get ready for NaNo- It starts TOMORROW!!! CAN'T WAIT!)

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