Monday, January 7, 2013

Penchant for Pixie Dust & Ruminations...

Knowing my penchant for fairies and pixies, hubby added a new one to my collection this past Christmas. It doesn't hurt that she's poised atop a Mardi Gras mask or what I tend to collect as well, Oriental masks. This sweet little lady joins Variel (the Autumn one) and Destiny (the Blue one with the crystal ball), my other two. No, my collection is small, just getting started really, but I'm hoping to add to it over time. They are my writing totems, beauties I draw inspiration from, and who sprinkle me with pixie dust, I suppose.
I hesitate to name this one yet. It took me a while to feel out the right names for the other two, though Destiny seemed a rather obvious choice for my Blue Lady with her crystal ball, while Variel was much harder and took a little longer to pin down what I felt "fit" her. I eventually lit on Variel, which means "changeable" and seemed perfect for my Lady of Autumn, who whisks in a lot of change during her season (a season I'm very in tune with) and it was something I felt also defined me, my writing career- the possibilities and inevitability of change in my life as a writer. Things are always changing in that respect and so the name suited her well.

For my new little "masked" lady, I'm leaning toward a name that means mystery or hidden, something to represent the mask, the unknown hidden behind such a thing, the uncertainty of the future perhaps.

Mystique is one that comes to mind. I also found Sunale- pronounced [soo*NAH*lay] which is Native American (Cherokee) for "tomorrow" and I kind of really really like that. I'm still not sure though and plan to chew it over some more, but the reason I'm thinking about this is because I want my pretty little pixie to be a representation of my hopes and dreams and that unforeseen future that's out there, where it hides its countenance from me and everyone else. We never know it until it becomes the present and even then, there's still so much hidden from view, always waiting for what's around the bend.

In this new year, I sense bigger things are to come, though I can't see or know for certain what that might be, but I feel a change is coming. I know last year, for me was full of changes, subtleties perhaps, but there was a lot. I also found that the pressure I put on myself here on the blog to post daily or multiple times a week took a great and stressful toll on me and my writing. I felt drained quite often, of inspiration, because I was so busy trying to offer too much, so that's one thing that's been on my mind, especially in these first few days of the new year when I haven't been writing or post as much as I did last year. I'm wiped out and so, I'm going to work on revising my blog calendar, taking assessment of what I need to post and when and scale some of it back.

I'm hoping that, in doing so, I'll open up a vein of inspiration deep below the surface and a great deal of it will spring up and shower me with what I need most as an author- stories to tell, desire to write, and things to offer you, the reader, in the very near future.

Best wishes for a great week my friends. May it be a wonderful start and inspire you as well!

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