Saturday, June 23, 2012

#SCENTsational (Sexy) Saturdays- Favorite No. 6- Frederick's of Hollywood Signature Fragrance

The Signature Fragrance by Frederick’s of Hollywood is our most popular scent ever--and for some very alluring reasons. Both intoxicating and soothing, flirty and seductive, it's a fragrance like no other. Notes include:

• Lush Egyptian Jasmine and Mandarin
• Warm Patchouli and hints of Oriental Spice
• Sandalwood, Sensual Suede and Cashmere Musk

As you can tell, I've used this bottle nearly up and I'm going to need a new one at some point. The tones of this perfume are very subtle and warm. Again I have to have my musk and sandalwood and oriental notes.

This IS one of my all-time favorites. It's sexy and intriguing, but also reminds me of romantic times with my husband, the holidays with family and friends, and it's not so loud and overpowering that you couldn't wear it on a daily basis, though I love so many, I have to mix it up depending on my mood.

And a little bit of sexy for your Saturday- 3 of my Favorite Sexy Men...

Hope you have a SCENTsational and Sexy Saturday!

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AM Bishop said...

Great post. I best your husband loves that your signature perfume. I adore perfumes too and like to mix it up from time to time. Thanks for posting the videos I just love that song by Robin Thicke.