Tuesday, April 10, 2012

#TuesdayswithTaryn Q&A with @ruthjhartman #Author #Interview #readers #TMPress

Please help me give a warm welcome to
Ruth J Hartman
who was kind enough to answer my

Tuesdays with Taryn Q & A!

What book(s) most influenced you as a writer? As a kid, I loved “A Wrinkle in Time.” The author had an amazing imagination for that story. Lately, “The Help.” The author of this book used her own knowledge of growing up in the south with an African-American woman who worked for them. I couldn’t put the book down. The emotions and misconceptions of that time were amazing.

What book do you read over and over again? Mary Higgins Clark is my favorite mystery writer. I’ve read several of her books more than once.

Tuesday Trio-

1) Movie- “While You Were Sleeping”

2) Music- Anything by Journey

3) Decadent Dessert- Anything chocolate!

What’s the most interesting or bizarre bit of trivia you’ve learned from researching for a novel?

Halibut begin life with an eye on each side of their head. As they mature, one eye migrates to join the other so both are on the same side. (“Purrfect Voyage”)

Novel on your Nightstand:

Who/what are you currently reading? “The Jinx” by Jennifer Johnson.

Whom would you cast as your Hero & Heroine if your book became a movie? Sandra Bullock and George Clooney

Check out Ruth's Purrfect Voyage, a wonderful little romantic comedy-


Kitty Carter is used to getting into strange situations when she chases her cat, Arthur. But this latest escapade is just too much! When Arthur chases a mouse at the marina while she's doing research for her book, she follows him down the dock and onto a yacht. Not entirely her plan, since she falls down some stairs and hits her head, and wakes to find herself out to sea. And she and Arthur aren’t the only ones on board!

If you'd like to find out more about Ruth, check out her Blog here- www.ruthjhartman.blogspot.com

Thanks for joining me today Ruth!
Hope you have a spectacular Tuesday!

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