Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snowbound... pain......with kids.

It wasn't snowing this morning at 5am when hubby left for work, but just before he stepped out the door, our County became part of the growing list of school closings. A moment after he left, the phone rang- the County's automated "news call" letting me know further that school would be closed.


I turned off both kids' alarms before they could go off and wake them up, which afforded me maybe half an hour of quiet before they both got up. Snow days were so much more fun when I was a kid, not a grown up. ;oP

Shortly after, it did begin to snow, but as the picture above depicts, we've got a dusting, but not much more. It apparently has made the roads just a wee bit hazardous as I've noticed cars and trucks driving by slowing instead of at break-neck speeds that would be normal- though against the law- on our road. We're in a 'children at play' zone or one of like it, but there are quite a few drivers who zip up and down this road like they think they're on a Nascar circuit.

Needless to say, I'm tired already and the day has only barely begun. In a way, I'm glad the kids are home because I don't have to worry about them being on the bus on these roads, but having them home affords me no real "rest." I honestly could have gone back to bed today because I'm in physical pain.

In the middle of the night, Girly Girl woke up and had accidentally wet her bed, so I groggily set about changing the sheets. I leaned over rather hard and fast at one point to tug at the covers and I don't know WHAT I did, but I suddenly felt like I had an elephant sitting on my chest attempting to crack my ribcage open like someone trying to pop open a walnut. Lifting my arms up and down was a struggle because my entire upper body felt stiff and sore as though I had a stiff neck- you know the kind- similar to what I imagine having whiplash is like. If you have to turn, its a slow intentional full body turn to look at things- NO fun at all. It also hurt a little to breath too deeply.

I don't remember what time that was, though I want to say it was around 12:30 or so. After that, I tossed and turned for hours, trying to get comfortable, but by 3 am, when Hubby attempted to wrap his arm around me and snuggle, I shoved his arm off of me because the weight of it seemed to suffocate me. I got up and heated a rice pack in the microwave to lay on my back and took a couple of ibuprofen.

By 4am, when the alarm went off, I was still groaning with each move. Hubby got up shortly there after and I followed suit, slowly, about a quarter till 5 and took two more ibuprofen and reheated the rice pack. I've been keeping it warm off and on all morning and that, on top of the medicine, seems to have helped a little, not to mention that I have popped my back in a few places and that brought some minor relief.

Either I threw something, pulled something or it just got "stoved up"- though this felt different than any back issue I've had before. Usually mine is lower back and when it's up in your ribcage and makes your chest ache heavily, it does give you pause when a moment of concern flickers through your sleep deprived mind. plan for this snow day now that I'm feeling a smidge better and want to get something productive done?

Think I'll get back to what I have been doing the past two days- reading through my historical/paranormal manuscript for the gazillionth time, but still liking it and finding only minimal things that need changes and polishing. Of nearly 400 pgs, I've read through 110. If I can hear my thoughts over the kids playing about 4 feet from me, I might get even further today. Might have to convince them to take their play to the other one's room...LOL

Happy "Skiff of Snow" Day!

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