Sunday, January 10, 2010

Long Weekend & The Growing TBR Pile....

With the kids home Thursday and Friday due to snow, I'm surprised I got as much done as I did this week. I guess I did read-throughs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and got through 170 of nearly 400 pages. Thursday I took the kiddos out to play in the snow and spent precious time with them and had a Day of Play.

A close friend of mine chalked it up to me just being lazy in regard to my writing, but as I so eloquently pointed out, the kids won't remember it that way. They'll remember that cold snowy winter day that school was closed and Mommy got out in the snow and took their pictures and threw snowballs with them. My daughter swore it was THE best day of her life. I reminded her she says that about most any day that she gets to do what she wants, but she said, "Yeah, but this really IS the best day of my life. I had SO much fun!" Bless her 7 year old heart! LOL I miss the simplicity of childhood, when all it took was something like that- a snow day- to make me feel like bursting with joy.

The back pain is slowly going away, though I still feel slightly stiff, especially during the night. Seems my back "stoves" up more then than during the day. Slow easy stretches and just resting as best as I can and hopefully I'll be back to normal before too long.

In the meantime, I'm still working through the manuscript and the house work and I've been reading the anthology Never After that includes stories by Laurell K. Hamilton, Yasmine Galenorn, Marjorie M. Liu and Sharon Shinn. I've read Laurell and Yasmine's so far and both were good!

Among so many other things that I'm going to try to figure out and move forward with in this new year, one is to attempt to whittle away at my TBR pile. I know I have more books than I can read in one sitting and I continue to add to it (I have about 6 more books I'll be getting once they ship, that I ordered the other day....) I'm a book worm...a book hog. I LOVE books. mother and I were discussing it and she said I should set aside at least 1 day a week and mark it on the calendar as my day to do nothing but read a book. I got to thinking about it and in a year (52 weeks) I could read 52 books if I set aside just one day to read just one book all the way through. It's a thought and I'm seriously chewing on it.

It would definitely get that pile down a bit. I don't feel so stressed about it when I look at my bookcase across the room to my left, but when I remember that what I see isn't ALL of it, well that's another story.

What I keep in here in the living room on a small 3 shelf bookcase only scrapes the surface of my book obsession collection. I have to remember there's an entire bookcase FULL of novels in the bedroom just waiting for me to take them up and love them, too. Will I get to them? I sure hope so.

I know I'm missing out on a lot of great tales....but I also have tales to tell myself and I need to remember to make them a priority- to write them, finish them, polish them, etc.

Here's to enjoying the rest of this weekend and getting a great start to the coming week. Not sure if I'll read through my own work when I get off here or get back to reading Never After....would enjoy either. Have a good evening everyone!
(Finishing off the blog on a great note- I just got my email notification that my other books have shipped! YAY!)

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