Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Heart In Hand

We all do it, I suppose. Put our hearts out there for all the world to see, for others to take or leave, to love or let go.

Whether we know it or not, we carry our heart in hand all our lives, allowing the pulse to lead us, sometimes offering it to those who couldn't appreciate it even if it were their own. Sometimes finding another soul who willingly shares theirs in return. And though we know that we run the risk of getting it dropped, broken, stepped on, we still put it out there saying "Here. Would you like this?" because we want that "great love." We long to find "The One" who completes our puzzle.

Early on in our lives we look into others expectantly, hoping to see a reflection of our own needs and desires to be loved with that "great love" that is sometimes truly out of our grasp, always an apparition just out of reach.

Sometimes we do find it- that special "something" that envelopes us in a warmth that's foreign, yet familiar~ something otherworldly and ethereal that we know we can only feel when we're with that special someone and its something that nearly rips us apart when we are separated and divided from them for any length of time.

When you've been hurt, you want to reject it, while at the same time you embrace it and want to feel it for always. You can't imagine that you never felt it before and want to die to think you might never feel it again. There's a sense of rightness, a sense of completion and it's only when you are with this person, only when you look into their eyes and feel their hand in yours that you KNOW and understand WHY you carried your heart in hand to begin with.

If you've felt it...if you've known this kind of love, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Count yourself lucky because so few of us get to have it. It means you connected with your soulmate- your split apart, as Demi Moore called it in The Butcher's Wife. They are the one who knows you unlike anyone else has, does or ever will again. They see you for who and what you truly are and love you for it unfailingly.

It means they saw your heart, sitting there on the palm of your hand and wanted it, accepted it- accepted YOU~ just as you are~ saw within and gave you the missing piece of you needed when you gave them the piece they had been searching for. You loved them immediately, without question, without saying a word and that love was returned.

It's these things I try to project in my writing when I bring two characters together. I want the reader to feel it as deeply as they would their own bond to the one they love. The hero and heroine need to come together in a way that has the reader, whether they've known that kind of love or are still searching for it, cheering them on and keeping their fingers crossed that "The End" finds them together at last~ happy and enveloped in a love that will last them a lifetime and bring them immense joy.

As a writer, especially of romance, its the best way to give love to the readers- by giving our hero and heroine the kind of love we all long for.

The only way to do that is by writing with heart in hand.


Devon Matthews said...

Lovely post, Taryn. I hope, like you say in your slogan, you give your writing and your dreams wings to fly this year. Happy New Year!

Taryn Raye said...

Thank you, Devon! I hope so, too.

Happy New Year!