Sunday, March 29, 2009

No Work and Other Things

Well, I'm 2 weeks smoke-free and I've still not gotten anything done with revisions. Of course, that's probably going "on hold" over the next 2 weeks and maybe I can come back to it refreshed and ready to read through and really dig in like I need to.

The reason for 2 weeks I won't be able to concentrate on it? This week I need to get the house cleaned up and pack mine and my daughter's things for our annual Spring Break visit in my hometown with my family the next week. So this week is going to be filled with dusting, vacuuming, getting all the laundry caught up in a major way, figuring out what hubby wants to buy for himself that week for meals, etc.

I've been sticking with the Gazelle. 26.25 miles this past week and feeling pretty good. Not sure what I'm going to do about it while I'm up visiting my family. If the weather's nice enough, I'm hoping to go walk at the park on the walking trail. I know I probably won't be doing nearly as many miles as I do at home, but walking on the Gazelle and walking a park path are a bit different, so I hope it still evens out.

Anyway...if you don't see or hear much from me over the next two weeks, fear not- I will return. :o) (Hopefully rejuvenated and rearing to get back to work.)

Have a good one! I'll try to post when I can.


Devon Matthews said...

Congratulations on your non-smoking days! Very proud of you. You can do this!!!

Hope things even out for you soon and you get back to your writing and revising. I miss you!

Magdalena Scott said...

We'll miss you, Taryn, but look forward to your return. Enjoy!

Taryn Raye said...

Thanks ladies. Hopefully I'll come back from my mini-vacation revved back up and ready to go full steam ahead on these revisions and get my head back in the writing game.