Monday, March 9, 2009

A Bit of a Breakthrough!

After my weekend filled with laundry, dishes and cooking and sharing recipes, I thought last night that I needed to do a little brainstorming for my revisions. Last week sucked. I was stuck and it seemed I had NOTHING more to add. I got some things added, sporatically, but otherwise I'm way off the word count and 59 pages off from my goal.

So where do I go from there?

I went back to my character questionaire sheets that I filled in before I started writing. I forgot my heroine could play the piano. I hadn't included any scenes that had that! I suppose I forgot because it was a talent she didn't remember she had either! LOL But now I know there could be room to add a scene with it, especially since the hero is musically inclined as well.

There's some other quirks too- things that need tweaking, so I can add those.

My hero rebuilds classic cars in his spare time..oops...forgot that, too. Would fit nicely to incorporate more interaction with his brother, brother-in-law or his best friend- resulting in a conversation in regards to his situation/feelings for the heroine.

I'm sure I'll stumble across more now that I reopened the gateway to who my characters are.

I've also determined today will be the fresh start I need- not just for my revisions, but also for me to get back to doing the Gazelle, so here goes! I'm off to improve myself and my novel!


Jennifer Madden said...

Hey, good luck with that. I'm back to the grindstone too. Although I'm fiddling too much with my computer today trying to figure outwhere comments went.... It's always something.
Hope you have a distraction free day.

Taryn Raye said...

Thanks Jennifer. Hope you figure out what's going on with your computer!

Write on!

Devon Matthews said...

Taryn, don't we love those little epiphanies, those moments of light breaking through the clouds. Sounds like you're digging deeper into your characterizations, and often that's all that's needed. Good luck today with layering in those extra scenes! :o)

Taryn Raye said...

Yes, absolutely love them! Thanks!

Magdalena Scott said...

Taryn, may your characters and your Gazelle take you on a great ride today!

Love the new picture. ;)

Taryn Raye said...

Thanks Magdalena! On all accounts!

Amy Durham said...

Congrats on the breakthrough! It's fun when things really fall into place!