Sunday, February 1, 2009

82,250 Words Fluffy and Migraines

Last night I made it to the end of my first round of edits on the first manuscript I dug into- topped out at 82,250 words instead of 66,461 when I started work on it a couple of weeks ago.

Out of my 9 finished manuscripts there's about 7 that really needed "fluffing" so I've knocked one out of the way, though I know I'll go back and do a read through for more edits and revisions, etc. Knowing myself so well, I'll probably read through more than just one more time, though I've gone through all my stories several times already.

No sooner than I got to "The End" last night than the headache I'd been nurturing all day hit me and hit me hard. I thought it was a simple PMS headache, which have a tendency to localize around my left eye every time, but escalated into a full blown migraine in a matter of minutes.

I sought refuge in the bedroom where it was dark, quiet and cooler...I grabbed a cold wet washcloth and it seemed to be helping, but migraines have always been a major problem for me and once it's full blown- I'm done for. I've suffered them since I was 10 or 11. Usually associated with eye strain or the length of my thick hair. (I personally think my hair's gotten too long). I haven't had a migraine in- well, I honestly can't remember the last time I had one this bad. Seems it's been years.

The pain kept coming in waves and I knew there was only one solution. After a little sleep I thought I was all right, but no- my feet flew me to the bathroom and I had to do what I had to do, though I didn't want to. Nausea rolled through my body. Eventually I felt much better, though my throat is still sore today because of it.

I feel okay today, but I'm sluggish and kind of zoned out and my head still hurts just the slightest. Migraines take their toll on me. Hopefully that will be the last one I have for another long while.

Now on to the next set of revisions- LBC. The word count stands at 61,540- so I have a little more work to do on this one than the last.


Jennifer Madden said...

I totally commisserate. Although yesterday was brilliant, with the sun glinting of the ice and snow, I ended up with a migraine yesterday too. The kid bouncing my chair all through the movie didn't help either. I knew it was coming though, and took a happy pill to get rid of it. Thank goodness for pills.

Magdalena Scott said...

Taryn, you poor thing. Maybe a day of NOT sitting at the computer would be beneficial? I've never had a migraine, but when I hear them described I have the idea I might not survive one. Horrible!

Taryn Raye said...

Thanks Jennifer and Magdalena.

I've stayed away from the computer most of today. I realized a little while ago that my hair has truly gotten too long. It's down to the middle of my back, a thing I haven't let it do for years. Most likely the culprit!

Going to talk to my mom and find out if they're planning to come down anytime soon. She's about the only one I trust with my hair.

(Had a beauty salon trauma years ago and haven't been able to shake it- let's just say with hair thick like mine- Rosanne Rosannadana! YIKES!)LOL

Devon Matthews said...

Taryn, I feel for you suffering through a migraine. I used to have them regularly. Then when I got into my mid-thirties, they stopped. Thank God!

I can also sympathize with the beauty shop woes. I used to have major catastrophes there, too. Ones that made me want to wear a toboggin and never come out of the house until it grew out. But I have the opposite problem as you. My hair's thin. I've been cutting it myself for the past fifteen years.