Thursday, May 8, 2008

Blossoming Into Spring

They are slow to bloom, but when they do, my irises flourish- big and bright and full of life.

Right now I simply have my purple ones in bloom, though the yellow ones are close on their heels.

I'm hoping that Blossom is like my irises...maybe slow to bloom, but when she does, she'll blow me away with her strength and beauty and life.

I hope that her story takes shape, with exquisite curves and twists and motion, allowing me to enjoy writing it and immersing myself in her life and her journey to finding real happiness.

Today got away from me. It rained almost all day(as you can tell from the droplets of water
gracing the petals of my irises) and my hubby was home from work, so my routine was somewhat off and every time I thought I should sit and work on getting my ideas melded, I got distracted from it.
A busy weekend is coming as well. We have plans on Saturday to spend it at my husband's mom's and Sunday we're mostly going to be hanging around home, other than going to town to get take-out Chinese- my Mother's Day treat so I don't have to cook (although I do love cooking with my new stove. LOL)
The only thing I'm missing is getting to spend time with my mom for Mother's Day. I'll call her and talk to her sometime over the weekend though.
If I don't post anything new before Sunday, I wish ALL moms the most wonderful Mother's Day you could hope for.


Devon Matthews said...

Happy Mother's Day, Taryn!

I'm sure you'll be in the full swing of your story in no time. We all go through those lulls, and I think it's our creative batteries taking time to recharge. :o)

Taryn Raye said...

Thanks Devon!

Indeed I think I burned my creative batteries up in the first four months of this year! LOL Definitely need a recharge!