Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rest in Peace Corey- You Will Be Missed...

This picture used to adorn my teenaged bedroom wall, along with probably 50+ other pictures of Corey Haim I'd ripped out of my teen magazines. I thought he was a slice of heaven- just the cutest actor in the biz and oh, what I wouldn't have given to have a boyfriend like him! LOL

I just heard he died this morning from an apparent accidental overdose. (this is yet to be determined by the coroner)

My heart is actually broken. I'm a 35 year old married woman, but I'm devastated to hear this news. I guess its because I always feared something like this would happen to him because of his addictions- even though I didn't want to ever believe the young Hollywood star I'd adored could ever die.

I'll be hearing "Only the Good Die Young" the rest of the day in my head, I'm afraid and do believe that I might have to pull out my old VHS tapes and go have a Corey Haim Marathon over the next several days.

It's scary really- he was only 38- 3 years older than me and his life has been cut short. It really makes me take inventory of my own life, which I've already been doing a LOT of lately- I had already been thinking that I should make 2010 a year of living without the shackles of fear- a year of living bravely- and now I'm all the more determined to make the most of this life I have. You just never know how quickly it could be gone.

Rest in Peace Corey- You will be missed...

As for the rest of us- take a moment today to do something you normally wouldn't and remind yourself that it's okay to live bravely, no matter how small a step it might be- I know I'm going to. Today- I'm going to go take the written test and get my permit again (after about 7 years without it) Will post back with results this afternoon.

I've got some big changes/challenges for myself in the works and I'll post more about it later...

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