Wednesday, March 3, 2010

♪Do a Little Dance, Write a Little Bit...♫

Yeah...Today, though it didn't start out as much, turned out to be very promising for my writing I can happily say.

As most know, I've been struggling- the down-in-a-dark-hole-digging-scratching-clawing-my-way-out kind of struggle that has been strangling my ability to write and suffocating my inspiration.

After a restless night of sleep, I awoke melancholy and unmotivated. I didn't have high hopes for getting anything done today simply because I knew hubby would be home and I might not be able to concentrate because I have a hard time concentrating when my routine shifts out of the norm. (Really got to work on that....)

See, just like when my kids are home when they wouldn't normally be- hubby's either totally zoned out on his video games or movies or whatever he finds to interest him OR he wants to talk my arm and leg off.

This is generally after I've taken the hint that he's going to be off in his own little La-La-Land and I decide to go about my own business- then he's suddenly helpless and needs my full attention. I could sit around and do NOTHING all day and no one would want to talk to me or need me for anything...The moment I decide to get some work done, I'm in high demand. Funny how that works, isn't it?

So anyway...knowing I probably wouldn't have quiet time to myself today, I piddled for a while online. I kept thinking about writing, but instead I procrastinated. I knew I got just a little more than 1,000 words added to my novel yesterday. Around 10 or 10:30 AM I decided to give it a shot after all. By 11 I had already added another 1,000. Ate lunch and watched hubby play one of his video games for a little while and took a break to think over what I had added to the story. Went back to it for a while and knew I had added up to about 3,000 words total for today.

I helped girly-girl with her homework when the kids got in from school, fixed supper and when hubby and the kids started up a ruckus playing a video game here in the living room, I decided to take advantage of that. Around 6 or 6:30 I slunk back to my writing cave and wrote for about an hour or so. When I saved and closed the file just before 7:30, I had 4,125 words total for today. I'm not far from 60K and really not that far, once I get on a roll, from my goal of approximately 81K.

Hot diggety dog, that fanned the flame for sure!

See, the other day a fellow writer had posted on Facebook about adding a good big chunky word count to her WIP that day and how she didn't want to stop when she did, but she had to. I totally related because I have known that feeling numerous times when I'm deep in the writing process.

I get it when I'm psyched about what I'm writing, when I'm in the zone and have slipped "into" my wonderland—down the rabbit hole...I'm there with the characters instead of losing my concentration and wandering off elsewhere like I have no brain in my noggin. I swear sometimes I feel like a zombie when I'm not writing...wandering around...drooling and aimless...It's not pretty...not pretty at all...

So was brilliant and I'm thrilled and excited about tomorrow and how much I can get done then. In fact, I've decided that if I was able to write 50,000 words of this current novel in November during NaNoWriMo- SURELY I can write the rest of it- around 22K before March is over, eh? I think so.

I'm loosely terming this sensation, this amazing little feat—"Word Count Flares." It's like being struck by a blindingly beautiful light really...It makes me feel all warm and tingly and exhilarated when I get THIS.

It strikes unexpectedly and washes over me. I get so wrapped up in the story and characters that it's hard to come down from it, like a natural high. It makes me thirsty- drinking in the plot and the road I'm traveling while at the same time I feel like the glass...this vessel just pouring it all out through the keys.

Yeah, I'm doing a little dance tonight. Not sure how I'll get to sleep....

Night All!

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