Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bluebird of Paradise

Spring might very well be on its way after all.

I had noticed them before today, honestly, but the wintry weather we've been foraging through seems to make their arrival a bit premature. It's not Spring and yet, bluebirds have begun staking their claim on nesting sites around here.

Pretty little fluffed up things, bring a smile to my face when the sun is shining brightly and I see that vivid splash of blue as they take the wind and glide away.

It's that shock of blue that catches the eye and inspires a feeling that Spring is truly on it's way. You don't see colors like that in the midst of winter's gloom. Only around the holidays in the mix of sparkling lights and paper and ribbons. After's all grays and browns till Spring's colors start to show.

It makes me wonder what my little co-residents know that I don't.

Do they feel the changes coming? The warmer weather on it's way? What exactly is it that tells them it's okay now to start house-hunting and sprucing things up and chattering amongst themselves so loudly that I can hear them when I'm indoors with the doors and windows closed?

I'm glad to see their arrival. It gives me renewed hope that we'll make it through the rest of this cold nasty season to welcome the warmer weather, sunny days and the awakening of the earth from its months' long slumber.

The bluebirds of paradise already think it's on its way.

I think it is, too.

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